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About Classicrendezvous
In this Classic Rendezvous mailing list, a discerning few bicycle enthusiasts celebrate the hand made craft objects that are vintage lightweight bicycles.

We see the demise of the hand crafted bicycle as a sad turn of events.. Indeed our society is rapidly discovering fast and robotic means of manufacturing everything we use in our lives. The bicycle, since it’s invention, has represented a sublime blending of function and art.

The Classic Rendezvous list focusses on bicycles made from the beginning of the Twentieth Century, up to the early 1980s. Certain handbuilt, classic style modern bikes are considered “on topic” here, but those welded, injection molded, or glued modern wonders belong in some other mail list, not this one! Ditto for mountain bikes & balloon tired bikes. Those items have merit, but they just do not belong here.

So bring your news, notes and queries about that old Raleigh, Masi, Hetchins, Peugeot, Paramount, Singer, Crescent, Cinelli, Follis, Teledyne, Rotrax, McLean, etc., etc.! Enjoy!

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